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White pill g3719

I found 3 small white oval pills with the letter and numbers G3719. What are they?
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What is a white oval pill with G3719 on it? The KGB Agent answer: A 9.0mm oval white pill with the imprint G 3719 on the front is 0.25mg of Alprazolam(made by
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i need to no what kind of pill this is please tell me Here is the info you need for the pill(s) you found. Hope this helps. ALPRAZOLAM EXTENDED-RELEASE(Xanax
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Small Oval White Pill G3719; Small White Pill L612; Oval White Pill M357; Oval White Pill; Small round White Pill M2; Latest search criteria. Super Vepr Center Scope
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what is a white oval pill that has one side scored and the other has G3719, and a small round white pill with 57 on one side and R on the other? The KGB Agent answer
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white oval shaped pill with M360 on one side Oval white pills Questions, Answers, Polls amp; Debates Answerbag white oval shaped pill- Drugs.com Prescription
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What kind of pill is white, oval and smooth with E on one side and I found 3 small white oval pills with the letter and numbers G3719. What are they?

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It is Alprazolam, the generic for Xanax.25 mg it is prescribed primarily for anxiety and generally can make you sleepy. Use with caution!!



Small Oval White Pill G3719; Small White Pill L612; Oval White Pill M357; Oval White Pill; Small round White Pill M2; Latest search criteria. Super Vepr Center Scope

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