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Round yellow pill q 100

I found a small round yellow pill with the number 100 stamped on it and a line imprinting under it? Posted: 5 Sep 2011 by rexxx
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What kind of pill is small yellow round pill with Q over 100?
I have been on Apri birth control for almost a year now, and in that time gained over 20 pounds while on it, even though I was working out more and consuming fewer calories. I also obtained cellulite from them, an unfortunate side effect of hormones in some rare cases.
yellow round pill 93 832 forums and articles. Learn about and discuss yellow round pill 93 832 at The round yellow pill 93 832 what kind of pill is yellow and has
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6232011 · Best Answer: Use this site to help you. There are 3 drop down menus to help you identify it with regard to shape etc. imprints.php
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Found a yellow round pill t stamp and 100 on other side? Posted: 9 days ago by trace49
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Was given 5 tiny yellow round pills, unmarked on one side and other has just a 5 on it. I was told they are muscle relaxants but can pill ID them anywhere. Help me
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Expert: Eric Brandt- 2232007. Question I found round, yellow pills coded with LM with an underline and 25 underneath. Can you identify? Thanks for any help you can

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Read the instructions on the package. It is several drugs, not just one, so you should take all of them as instructed.


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What would a green round pill that says APO 40 on it be? Answer. search identify pills or medication on google. I found it once but cant recall


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6232011 · Best Answer: Use this site to help you. There are 3 drop down menus to help you identify it with regard to shape etc. imprints.php

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